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Residential Storage

How? How did you accumulate all this stuff? Where are you going to put it? Whether cleaning out the garage so that your wife can park her car in it, to cleaning out an unused bedroom to convert into an office or cleaning out a closet to make room for a new wardrobe, we have a unit for you to store all of your stuff.

Sizes vary from 5’ x 5’ to a 20’ x 20’ in a Climate controlled facility or drive up units. Easy access, available 7 days a week in a secure facility, complete with electronic gate access, LED lighting, video surveillance and an on-site manager. Being able to make online payments and online inquiries makes leasing a storage unit that much easier and the right decision.

College Students

Needing a place for your possessions during the summer. No need to haul everything back to your parent’s house and clutter up their home. Hauling your belongings back & forth each year could end up costing more than storing in a secure, self-storage unit. College students typically rent smaller units, like a 5' x 5' or a 5' x 10' unit, to store their possessions while traveling back and forth to school.

Keeping Your Unit Organized

Make sure you have a plan for storing your possessions. You want to be able to access it, find it and use it when needed. Here are a couple of tips:

  • Standardize the boxes and limit yourself to just two sizes. Put the larger boxes on the bottom and stack the smaller boxes on top.
  • Leave yourself an aisle to make it easier to get to the boxes in the back
  • Label the boxes for quick identification of your items
  • Store the items used the most in front
Which unit size is right for you!

Watch out size guide videos to choose the right unit